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Customers are creating all kinds of interesting workflows

Now that we’ve had workflows out there for several months, customers have been creating all kinds of interesting workflows. We’ve even added some new capabilities to the product to accommodate the feedback we’ve been getting. With frevvo flows, you can quickly and easily create:

  • Multi-page forms with a navigation toolbar e.g. an application with multiple steps.
  • Simple, role-based approval workflows e.g. a Nurse refers a patient, any Doctor must approve.
  • Specific-user-based approval workflows e.g. an Employee requests vacation, a specific Manager must approve.
  • Dynamic roles where the role for the next step is determined at runtime e.g. a Purchase Order where the approval must be performed by a Manager if the amount is less than $1000 and a Supervisor otherwise.
  • Looping between multiple users in a role e.g.  an Issue Tracking workflow where an Issue entered by an employee might have multiple actions by support staff before the issue is resolved.
  • Ad-hoc workflows where a step is passed between arbitrary users e.g. a Proposal review where the second Review step is performed by a number of users in any ad-hoc order.
  • Rejecting a step and sending it back to the original user e.g. an Expense Approval workflow where the approving manager may decide to send the workflow back to the original employee for corrections.
Want to learn more. Check out the documentation. It contains links to videos, step-by-step Tutorials and more.

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