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Why is the Confluence plugin price tied to the # of Confluence users?

Customers sometimes ask us why our plugin license is directly tied to the Confluence license.

We have far more users for Confluence than for forms. It would be better to license a [smaller] group of users as having access to the frevvo Plugin.

It’s a reasonable question/complaint. Why should I pay for 500 users when only 20 will be using forms?

By and large, this is about running a viable business for the Confluence plugin. We’re a small company; likely a lot smaller than most of our customers. We constantly face the every-day challenges of running a small company, especially in the current economy.

The reality is that our product is more complex than the vast majority of plugins – workflows & forms in Confluence are just harder than charts & graphics since they often interact with external systems like databases, send out email notifications and, generally speaking, provide very high business value. frevvo is not just a plugin. There’s a server component that you must install and configure and we’ve found that it can get complicated because customers have firewalls and proxy servers and all kinds of setups.

We’re very very good at customer support and you’d never get the kind of support and attention you’ll get from frevvo from a larger company.

However, all this requires people and money and we have to be able to afford it. We make most of of our money on the larger licenses. That’s our “bread and butter” and if you could always just buy licenses in much smaller chunks, we would not have a viable and sustainable business model for the Confluence plugin.

We’ve also found that many customers will deploy the plugin and quickly find that all kinds of users want access to it. Once business users discover that they can quickly create their own registration forms/surveys and download submissions to Excel, they want to do it. Once IT realizes that they can simply point business users to a Tutorial for these basic needs, they want nothing else.

At the end of the day, we simply cannot afford to develop, support and sell the plugin any other way. Hopefully, you understand.

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