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What is your SMB missing without Cloud Computing?

I recently came across this interesting infographic from New Jersey Institute of Technology on Cloud Computing in small business. Small businesses, in particular, are adopting Cloud Computing because they can attain real benefits like:

  • Improved ability to move into new geographical markets
  • Simplification of internal operations
  • Better delivery of internal resources
  • New ways for employees to work, connect and collaborate
  • Faster rollout of new initiatives to exploit new opportunities

What is your SMB missing without Cloud ComputingIt’s exactly what we see our customers (whether they’re small or large companies) doing and it’s exactly what we do. Like our customers, we ourselves must focus on our core competencies. We use many Cloud Services ourselves to gain similar benefits from GoToMeeting to Google Analytics. Of course, we use our own product to automate our own approval workflows like Sales Orders, Employee On-Boarding, and Expense Reports. It means less wasted time and a much stronger focus on happy customers.

Like us, you can benefit from Cloud-based approval workflows too. Contact us if you need help or sign up for a free trial online. Like us, we think you’ll find that the sooner you adopt Cloud the bigger the benefits and the bigger your competitive advantage.

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