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[Video] Easy approval workflows with frevvo

Day-to-day approval workflows where someone fills out one or more forms and others comment, review, approve and sign are among the most common aspects of doing business. Things like sales orders, purchase requisitions, student applications, patient referrals, and leave approvals.

Yet, even in 2015, we’re still e-mailing and printing for routine approvals. Digitizing these with Cloud + Mobile has become a top priority in most organizations. But, SharePoint and other enterprise products are extremely expensive and too complicated for even the simplest tasks.

There’s a better way. With frevvo Live Forms, business people who don’t write software for a living can still easily create approval workflow apps used every day in your organization. Take a look at this short (4.5 min) demo video to see how:

Contact us for more information or sign up for a free trial today and try frevvo for yourself.

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