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Using Google Sheets to create advanced reports, charts and analytics from your submissions

Google Apps includes Sheets, using which you can create powerful online spreadsheets. frevvo forms and flows integrate with Sheets so you can save submissions to a spreadsheet. But that’s not all – Sheets includes some sophisticated capabilities including charts, queries, filters etc. and you can leverage these for powerful data analysis on your submission data.

We’ve created a simple example. Click the imageGeo Location Chart or this link. You’ll see a simple frevvo form with a few fields. Fill it in (all fields are required) and click Submit. The form adds your submission data to a Sheet and shows it. You’ll see your submission in the last row.

But, the spreadsheet also contains two other worksheets (the Tabs at the bottom). The first one (Geo Location) runs a query on the raw submission data and groups submissions by country. The Sheets Query language is very general and allows SQL-like queries. For example, the table in the Geo Location worksheet is generated using =QUERY(Results!A2:E2012, “select C, count(B) where E > 0 group by C”). Now that we have the data by country in a nice tabular format, we can generate a nice chart that plots submissions by country on a world map.

Pledge amount by positionThe second one (Pie Chart) runs a similar query except that it sums pledge amounts by country and by position. Once again, we have the required data in a table and can generate pie charts to report on the data.

In this way, you can use frevvo’s Google Connector and Sheets to create advanced reports, charts and analytics based on your form submissions. There’s a lot more you can do and we’ll be creating more examples over time.

Does your organization use Google Apps? Contact us to learn how you can automate your approval workflows and integrate with Google Apps to manage your documents and reports.

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