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Trend: Hybrid Cloud is the preferred strategy in the enterprise

Hybrid Cloud is the preferred strategyRightScale’s 2015 State of the Cloud Survey serves to reinforce the growth of Cloud [and more specifically Hybrid Cloud] in the Enterprise. They’re using a portfolio of Clouds, with 82% planning a multi-cloud strategy. No surprise: 55% are planning for Hybrid Clouds in 2015. This trend is clear across many research reports (IDC predicts 65% of enterprises will commit to hybrid cloud by 2016, Gartner thinks 50% by 2017) for obvious reasons as we’ve said in earlier articles.

  1. It allows CIOs to take an incremental approach and realize benefits quickly without having to move internal business systems and data wholesale to the cloud.
  2. It gets past crazy vendor policies (e.g. paying to access our own data via their API).
  3. Makes business processes running the cloud far more effective by integrating with important data in internal business systems such as HR systems, databases and authentication systems.
  4. Helps get past persistent security worries and regulatory concerns.

It’s a pragmatic and sensible approach, which is why it’s popular. We’re seeing the same thing in our customer base and expect the trend to continue. They see automating their everyday approval workflows on mobile devices as critical to business agility. It’s easy to customize with frevvo’s drag & drop Designers, deploy in frevvo’s Cloud (public or private) while still providing access to important data.

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