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Why must I place my labels above my form field?

We’ve had this question come up a few times. frevvo forms only support top-aligned labels i.e. the label must be placed above the form field rather than to the left. Why is this? It’s a question of  usability. Without any eye-tracking study (and many have been performed), the picture below should make it obvious.

Top-Aligned vs Right-Aligned Labels
Top-Aligned vs Right-Aligned Labels

Your users have less to do (fewer eye fixations) to fill out the top-aligned form and studies have confirmed that it takes people less time to fill out top-aligned forms with fewer errors and higher completion rates.

If you really, really want you can create forms with left/right-aligned labels via a custom theme. But, you’ll end up with more usable forms if you just leave the labels where frevvo places them.

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