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To Cloud or Not To Cloud?

Cloud Reality Check 2015 InfographicPublic Cloud is mainstream. Undoubtedly. Whether it’s AWS or Microsoft Azure, it feels great to push a few buttons, run out to grab a coffee and somewhere, somehow a server is spun up and by the time you return, it’s up and running with your database, web server all configured. It’s cool and, for small companies like frevvo, it’s amazing. AWS has been a godsend for us as it has been for thousands of others. And, we ourselves use many other Cloud services.

There’s very little reason to host things like email on-premise anymore but, for many applications, large enterprises just have more complex needs. Security for one but cloud vendors are addressing this. Large enterprises have tons of existing infrastructure from Active Directory/SSO solutions to ERP systems with critical employee information to important customer data in Oracle SQL to regulatory requirements. 59% of IT Professionals say that this complexity of integration prevents them from making more use of the cloud. Even Public Cloud Services messiah Google is being forced to talk positively about hybrid cloud and strike partnerships to help it compete.

The bottom line is there is no single answer even within the same organization. Some applications (email, CRM, storage) are naturals for the Cloud. Others such as HIPAA compliant applications and approval workflows that must integrate with this existing infrastructure aren’t as good a fit. Nothing wrong with using an on-premise solution for those use cases. Check out this infographic from NTT (link to original here) called the Cloud Reality Check 2015: Have Global Enterprises Embraced the Cloud? For large enterprises, it’s definitely a mixed bag.

Luckily, at frevvo, we offer both so you can choose whatever works best for the application in question.

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