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The surprising cost of Excel approval workflows …

… or The Amazing ROI of frevvo approval workflows

Many businesses still use Excel/Word/PDF for approval workflows. For example, to get the requisite approvals for an expense report, a purchase requisition, project plan or some other important document, it’s very common for the original requester to pull up an Excel spreadsheet and fill it out. This ad-hoc approach is fraught with problems:

  • How do you ensure that you have the latest version? Shared folder? Intranet?
  • How do you get the approvals? Via e-mail? Schedule a meeting? What happens if someone is on vacation or fails to respond in a timely manner? What if there’s an error? More e-mail?
  • What if a signature is required? Attachments? Does this mean printing, signing and scanning?
  • How do you keep track of and formally record who has approved the document? Save multiple e-mails? Meeting notes?
  • What will happen months from now when you need to find the signed and approved document?

ROI: Excel vs frevvo approval workflowsExcel-based approval workflows are surprisingly expensive and an automated approval workflow from frevvo can save you tons of money. It’s fast and easy to implement and you’ll start seeing positive ROI in 2-3 months (even faster at higher volumes). Check out this ROI calculator or click on the image to see how frevvo can save you $$$. As a bonus, you’ll have happier employees.

So, enough already with e-mailing Excel spreadsheets around. Interested? Contact us now. It’s amazingly easy and affordable with frevvo.

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