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The Appification of Small Business

Small businesses are at the tipping point of broad-based cloud adoption. This from a new research report from Intuit that shows how big an opportunity this is for developers and cloud solution providers.

The Cloud-Powered Small Business

Currently 37% of United States small businesses are adapted to the cloud, but an anticipated 78% will be fully cloud operational by 2020. Given the sheer size of this market, it’s a huge opportunity.

Cloud-Powered SMBs

The center of the small business cloud is financial management

SMB owners spend 4 hours a day online running their business. What are they doing? 65% conduct back-office work like book-keeping and accounting, 65% generate invoices and accept payments, 58% are managing customer relationships and 48% are communicating with employees and partners.

SMB Financial Management

SMBs are enthusiastically embracing mobile

Nearly half (43%) of SMB owners use a smartphone as the primary device to run their business and the vast majority of them use multiple devices.

Mobile enabled SMBs

And, they’re willing to spend

SMBs already spend $630/year on average on software solutions and 85% of SMB executives are willing to invest more in software solutions over the next 5 years with a significant number (27%) looking to simplify day-to-day operations.
SMBs are willing to spend

Automate routine day-to-day approvals and streamline operations

frevvo’s Cloud-based approval workflows are perfectly suited to small businesses. We’re an SMB ourselves and we use our own product to simplify our day-to-day operations in a host of areas like purchase orders, leave approvals and many other form-based workflows. Check out this infographic on 11 Cloud solutions we use everyday and sign up for a free trial on our website.

Check out the Intuit e-Book here (no login/registration required).

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