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[HowTo] Create a Salesforce Lead from frevvo

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In the last post, we described how to integrate a frevvo form/workflow with Quickbooks to create a new customer. Another common integration we see is with Salesforce. Similar to the Quickbooks integration, you can use the combination of Google Sheets + Zapier to make things happen in Salesforce when a frevvo form/workflow is submitted.

For example, let’s say you want to create a new Lead in Salesforce. The process is very simple and similar to the Quickbooks example.

1. Create your Google Sheet

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Our example has several fields as shown above and test data in the first row. Make sure yours has a header row and at least one row of sample data. The columns in your sheet will depend on your Salesforce Lead fields. You must have a column for each required Lead field.

2. Create a Zap (in Zapier) and setup Google Sheets

Select Google Sheets as the trigger app, choose “New Spreadsheet Row” as the trigger, connect your Google Account, choose the Spreadsheet and Worksheet and pull in the sample row you created earlier.


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3. Connect the Action of the Zap to Salesforce

Choose Salesforce as the Action App, select the Create Lead action, connect your Salesforce account, map fields to setup the Salesforce Lead template, and run a Test. Assuming the test is successful, give your zap a name and activate it.


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4. Create your frevvo form or workflow and connect it to Google Sheets

Create the frevvo form with the appropriate fields and connect it to Google Sheets using the Save to Google Sheets wizard. When the form is submitted, a row is created in your Google Sheet. After a few minutes, the Zap will pick up the new row from the sheet and create your new Salesforce lead.

That’s all there is to it. With frevvo + Google Sheets + Zapier, you can easily and affordably integrate with 1000s of applications that Zapier supports without writing a single line of code.

Give it a whirl – sign up for a free trial today.