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Top SMB Trends for 2014

Interesting to see SMB Group’s Top 10 SMB trends for 2014. The top three items are:

  1. Progressive SMBs Use Technology as a Game Changer: They invest more in technology-based solutions … and will continue to outpace peers.
  2. Cloud Adoption Accelerates, But SMBs Steer Clear of Dark Clouds: SMBs have absolutely bought into the cloud promise … but aren’t too happy with the annual contracts, fees for everything approach of many enterprise cloud vendors.
  3. Mobile Management Becomes a Priority as SMB Mobile App Use Soars: 67% of SMBs now view mobile solutions and services as critical to their business and are deploying mobile websites and business applications to engage and transact with customers.

At frevvo, we’ve been seeing this for a while now and not just in the SMB space. For our customers, one, two or all three of the above are key. They’re absolutely looking to technology-based solutions and the promise of paperless forms to outpace peers. Many of them are seriously into cloud nowadays and every single customer sees mobile as a top priority.

Any of this describe you? Check out some of our videos and example forms and contact us if you think we can help. Don’t worry. We promise we’re not the hard-sell at all costs type and won’t hassle you forever just because you gave us an email address 🙂

What’s a BYOD CIO to do?

Forrester’s 2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends report looked at 9,766 global information workers. “Anytime, anywhere information workers” that use three or more devices now constitute 29 percent of the global workforce. And, we’re just getting going in the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) era.

Source: Forrester Research
Source: Forrester Research

Windows has 92% of the desktop, Mac OS has grown to almost 10% of laptops, iOS dominates tablets and users have all kinds of smart phones. But, 208M workers want an iPhone next and 200M want Windows tablets. What does it all mean? In a BYOD era, there’s no such thing as mobile device management in the enterprise.

Managing Users rather than Devices

CIOs and IT Departments are responding by deploying company applications in an [enterprise] cloud and managing user access to these applications rather than blocking Facebook and updating drivers on your hardware. At frevvo, we get to see this on a daily basis. Customers used to tell us – everyone’s running IE8 on Windows XP and that’s all we care about. Some still do but most want to deploy business applications in the [enterprise] cloud and they need to work “anytime, anywhere”.

Luckily, the options are growing every day. From Microsoft Office to CRM solutions to mobile forms, there’s no reason for IT to think about platforms and hardware. Much better to focus on important things like big data projects or process automation rather than babysitting iPhones.