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Automatic mileage calculation using the Google Distance API

A workflow for mileage reimbursement is a routine business approval workflow used in many organizations. Unfortunately, it’s usually a PDF form (for example, see here and here). The person filling it out must calculate the miles by doing things like subtracting odometer readings, adding them up for the total mileage and figuring out the reimbursement amount.

What a complete wasteMileage Reimbursement form of time!! With frevvo, everything is automated. Enter your origin and destination and the workflow will use the cloud-based Google Distance Matrix API to calculate the travel distance and enter it into the form. Of course, it’ll automatically do all the totaling, and use the latest mileage reimbursement rate to calculate the reimbursement amount.

Try it yourself by clicking the image or this link.

Why make your employees waste valuable time on unproductive things? Automating your approval workflows with frevvo will make your employees happier and simultaneously save you a surprising amount of time and money. Doesn’t get any better than that. Interested? Contact frevvo today.