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[Customer Success Story] Hood County, TX

“frevvo’s modern online system is easy to use, has all the capabilities we need and is affordably priced. Their outstanding customer support and willingness to work with us made it the right choice for our County.”

– Jackie Solomon Director, Information Technology, Hood County, TX

Success stories are our favorite thing to hGuy filling in form and signingear, talk about, and share with the world. Hood County’s electronic blood warrant workflow is a particularly interesting case. In DWI cases, a Blood Warrant is required by law before administering a blood test.  Prior to automation with frevvo, this process could take hours to complete:

  1.  A paper warrant form is filled out by an officer.
  2.  The officer is then sworn in by a magistrate and signs the warrant form.
  3.   Finally, it is approved and signed by the magistrate.

These steps were tedious for the staff as it became expensive and time consuming. Hood County’s regular tasks were interfering with business agility. That’s when they called frevvo.

By converting manual processes into mobile-enabled, automated workflows with electronic signatures, the County is dramatically improving efficiency. For example, reducing delay is critical in blood alcohol testing. With an automated workflow, legal warrants can be obtained in a timely manner while eliminating errors such as missing data in an affidavit.

Hood County looked at 15+ solutions and chose frevvo. To obtain a Blood Warrant, forms are now filled out electronically by the officer. The magistrate remotely swears in the officer, reviews the warrant and signs off electronically or rejects. The officer prints out the exact PDF required by law including all signatures. The blood alcohol testing can proceed legally in a timely manner.

We have enjoyed working with Hood County a great deal and are grateful to have created this business relationship with them. Solving business needs through business agility is what we are passionate about. You can be our next success story, sign up today.

You can view the official Hood County Case Study here.

It’s “Bloody” Brilliant!

“I fought the law and the law won”


We here at frevvo know there is no beating the law and when you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Right? frevvo is very excited to announce that we have begun to work with Hood County and the future possibilities it creates sharing this technology. Hood County has recently found the convenience of using frevvo to create workflows and forms of their very own. A webinar is scheduled to take place on Thursday June 25th 2015 at 11:00am. Sign up now.

Paperwork causes time delays that could create further issues in this line of work. Employees may feel the burden with paperwork for routine things such as blood warrants, death inquests, emergency protective orders and more. What if all of this could be much easier? With the touch of a screen at the crime scene? Or back at the station? Even at the judges house at 2:00am? Yes to all of the above!

frevvo government workflows allow you to process paperwork for multiple events through multiple people in just minutes. Fill in all information from any device (computer, tablet, smart phone etc.), the form will be sent to the next party (for example a judge) who can sign for approval with a simple touch of his finger, sending that back to the sender(officer).

Hood County

Why frevvo?

frevvo offers an online form builder for document approval process that includes a digital signature. These great futures work with mobile workflows, online forms, and more, which can be converted to pdf. forms. There are many tutorials and a great support team to help you build your workflows/forms for an easier approval process.

See more about this incredible workflow here

Watch a LIVE(June 25th, 11:00am) webinar here

Sign up for a frevvo account here, get started today!

Using frevvo + Google Drive for Document/File Management

It goes without saying that there are big advantages to having your files in the Cloud. They’re automatically backed up, secure, can be accessed from anywhere etc. You can use Google Drive as a simplified document/file management system with folders/sub-folders, sharing and permissions.
frevvo + Google AppsIf your organization uses Google Apps, you can combine frevvo + Google Drive in interesting ways to create some cool solutions. For example, you can create an electronic approval workflow for a Purchase Order, and send it to your customer for signature (electronic, of course). Once signed, the customer gets a receipt (PDF) by email. But, the PDF can also be saved to Google Drive in the proper folder/sub-folder e.g. Purchase Orders/Acme Inc 2015_04_09 or Purchase Orders/Order 1234 or whatever makes sense for you. Check out this 90 sec video to see how it works. As POs flow through frevvo and are approved by customers, they’ll automatically be filed away in the correct place.

What about finding POs? As you might expect, Google Drive has great Search. When a file of a common type is uploaded to Google Drive, it is automatically indexed so users can easily search for it in their Drive files. Google Drive also goes much further. For example, it’s capable of recognizing objects and landmarks in images uploaded to Drive. Searching for a PO is just like doing a regular Google search. Just type in some text (a name, an address, an amount, anything …) and Drive will find files containing that text.

Now, obviously, Drive isn’t a full-fledged document management system and there are pitfalls to using folder structures for document management. But, the price is hard to beat and there are many situations where it’s genuinely useful. Especially, when combined with an automated approval workflow from frevvo 🙂 Check out our Google Apps Solutions and contact us for more information.

Design Patterns for Document Approval Processes – Part 2

In Part 1 of this series, we discussed an approval process that collects comments/a signature from an external, anonymous person. This second pattern is another common approval process where an employee forwards a request to his/her manager. The manager can approve/reject the request or ask the employee for more information. A common variation is where a supervisor or VP has to further approve in some situations e.g. the amount is greater than $1,000.

Internal Document Approval Process

Some examples might be:

  • Employee submits a Purchase Requisition (purchase request).
  • Vacation/Leave approval.
  • Student course/schedule changes approved by advisor.
  • Contract approval by supervisor.
  • Expense report.

With frevvo 5.3, automating this process is straightforward.

  1. Drag and drop the internal employee form(s) into the workflow and use the Form Designer to layout/arrange controls. Typically, you’d add the manager and VP sections to this same form and hide them in the first step. Currently, this requires a simple business rule but we’ll soon be removing the need to write a rule.
  2. Use a linked step for the manager and configure it to route [dynamically] to the employee’s manager using a built-in template.
  3. If required, use a linked activity for the VP and configure it to route to the VP. Set a pre-condition on this activity so it only runs if the condition is true.
  4. The final step could be to route to an HR or Purchasing role, to integrate with a database or with a back end system.

Purchase Requisition Approval Workflow

That’s it. How does it work? The employee accesses the workflow (preferably via a frevvo space) and fills in the form, signs it and clicks Continue.

Employee Purchase Requisition Form

frevvo will send that employee’s manager a notification, which the designer can customize. The manager clicks on the notification [on any device], can view the purchase request and approve it or send it back for corrections. If approved, the workflow will be routed to the VP for further approval if the set condition is true otherwise it will continue to the next step for fulfillment.

Purchase Request Manager Approval

Want to learn more quickly:? Check out one of our short videos and contact us if you have questions.

Design Patterns for Document Approval Processes – Part 1

Document workflows involving an approval process (a signature, comment, review or some combination) are a very common use case for our customers. In this series of articles, I’ll illustrate several design patterns and show you how to automate the workflow.

This first approval process starts with an internal employee requesting something from someone outside your organization. The external person fills in and signs one or more online forms without needing to login/authenticate. The completed documents then come back to the same or another internal employee for further processing.

Anonymous Document Approval Process

Some examples might be:

  • Collect one or more signatures on documents (purchase order, lease …).
  • Request a quote from a supplier or vendor.
  • Obtain a reference for a job application.

With frevvo 5.3, automating this process is trivial.

  1. Drag and drop the internal employee form(s) into the workflow and use the Form Designer to layout/arrange controls.
  2. Drop in a separate form (or use a linked activity) for the anonymous external person and add desired controls e.g. a signature. Make sure this step has no role or user assigned to it.
  3. Drop an Email activity in between. Configure the email address. Typically, you’d use a template so the email address of the recipient is entered by the internal employee. You probably want to customize the default email message as well.
  4. Drop in forms (or another linked activity) for the subsequent processing step by an internal employee. Make sure you either assign a role or a user to this step. For example, if you want the workflow to return to the originating person, you can use a template that’s automatically populated with that person’s user id.

Anonymous Document Approval Process Designer

That’s it. How does it work? Say, you’re requesting a quote from a vendor. The employee starts the process, enters the vendor’s email address and other information and clicks the Send button.

Internal Employee Quote Request

frevvo will send your customized email to the vendor with a unique URL. The vendor can click the URL and fill in the quote and sign it. Upon completion, he/she clicks the Continue button and the workflow returns to the originating employee. Vendor’s on the road using a smart phone or tablet? No worries – just click the link in your email and it’ll automatically render a mobile version.

Vendor Quote Smart Phone

Learn more quickly: check out one of our short videos and contact us if you have questions.