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Central Wyoming College automates Purchase Order in less than 10 days of work

Central Wyoming College serves Fremont, Hot Springs and Teton Counties. CWC is committed to supporting students through their educational journey and helping them achieve success.


CWC wants to reduce their reliance on paper and sneaker-net processes. They saw significant value in streamlining their PO process which involves calculations, lookups and dynamic routing fixing a particularly error-procedure as a result.

“Our PO workflow was automated in record time. The forms look good and are
easy-to-use. frevvo’s system just works and meets our needs at reasonable cost.”

John Wood,
Chief Information Officer

CWC selected frevvo to automate their PO process because of its modern look & feel, speed of implementation, ease of use and dynamic routing.

As a result of the streamlined PO process, hours of staff time have been reduced and CWC staff can get back to focusing on students rather than administrative tasks.

Read the Case Study and learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.

Mercy Ships replaces Adobe LiveCycle & DocuSign to automate over 70 day-to-day forms/workflows

Mercy Ships, a global charity, has operated a fleet of hospital ships in developing nations since 1978. Mercy Ships follows the 2000-year-old model of Jesus, bringing hope and healing to the world’s forgotten poor.
The organization was using Adobe LiveCycle forms or DocuSign and e-mailing documents around for signatures and approvals. However, as major browsers on desktop and mobile devices dropped support for the Adobe plugin, it was getting increasingly difficult to use. They decided to standardize on a single product that could handle forms, workflows and signatures.

We wanted a single, affordable solution that would be able to address our forms, workflow and document signature requirements. frevvo’s modern, browser-based solution is easy-to-use, meets all our business needs at a reasonable price.

Live Forms is the best web-based forms & workflow solution on the market today to address our needs.

Chris Gregg,
Chief Information Officer

Mercy Ships selected frevvo Live Forms because it provided an easy-to-use solution that handles forms, workflow as well as signatures at an affordable cost. In addition, frevvo’s generous support for non-profit organizations and world-class Customer Success team have ensured a successful deployment.

Mercy Ships has now automated 70+ day-to-day forms and workflows from HR to Volunteer processes with several more to be rolled out in the near future.

Read the Case Study and learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.

Paper: An Endangered Species?

Adobe released an interesting study of US business managers views of digital processes and paper. The full study is here and it’s a year old but there are some particularly relevant and interesting nuggets, especially when it comes to collecting signatures electronically. By now, everyone knows that paper processes are expensive and inefficient (Getting a Purchase Order signed electronically) and just plain make you look bad (Google Apps signature form). But there’s even more to it than that.

Security & Trust

Users and customers increasingly trust digital/electronic signatures over paper. So not only is it costing you money, it’s making you look bad and not with the times.

More people trust digital signatures






Going green matters to more and more people

People are increasingly aware of the environment, care about it and understand the negative consequences of using paper. It’s one of the few concrete actions businesses can take immediately that are easy and affordable. In fact, going green by getting rid of paper saves your business lots of time & money.
Going green matters






People want to work in a digital company

Old-fashioned, paper-based process just make you look bad not only to your customers but also to your employees. When we’re all carrying iPhones, who the heck wants to print out a Word document, sign it, scan it and email it around for approvals. It’s nuts!

People want to work in a digital company






Automate your approval workflows with frevvo in the cloud, gain your customers’ trust, go green, attract the best talent and save time & money while doing it. What’s not to love? Contact frevvo today for more information.