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Send a Purchase Order for signature

The core of a purchase order workflow is filling out a form and getting it signed by your customer. Yet, in most cases, it’s unnecessarily painful. Someone fills out a PDF or Word document or an Excel spreadsheet. If internal approval is needed, that usually means print and sign. Then it’s e-mailed or faxed to the customer who goes through the same print, sign and fax back.

With frevvo, it’s easy and automated.

  1. Create the PO electronically, enter your customer’s email address and Send the Order.
  2. The customer will get an email with a link to the PO. Click it on any device and up comes the PO.
  3. Review it, sign right then there and send it back.
  4. frevvo will send a copy of the signed PDF to you as well as the customer by email.

That’s literally all there is to it. Check out this video – it’s just 70 seconds long. Want to try it for yourself? Workflows require an authenticated user but it’s easy – click here to sign up for a free cloud account and we’ll help you set this up in no time.

How easy is it to create signature forms? Simply drag and drop the Signature control into your form. You can also create digitally signed sections. When the user clicks to digitally signed, the same box pops up and he/she can sign using a touch screen or mouse.

Drag & Drop signature control

Simple, easy and affordable approval workflows with frevvo. Visit our web site for more examples or contact us to learn more.


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