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Saved by The Feature!

We frequently accommodate new features for our customers. We here at frevvo are all about accessibility and a user friendly experience, for not only our employees and customers, but yours as well!

One of our real estate customers had created a very in-depth workflow. This screen flow had many sections to it. Our great team created a “Save on Navigate” feature for our customer. Due to this long workflow, it was necessary to have a feature to be able to save. If something happened where there was a power outage, or an emergency, etc and your customer/employee had to leave immediately without finishing this flow, they would have to start COMPLETELY over.  …until now.

Selecting save on navigate allows you to continue from the last page you have previously completed, the next time you log in. You can find this workflow in your task list. Imagine working on a 30+ page workflow and being on page 28 when it shuts down. Now you are starting back on page one. Take a deep breath. You won’t ever experience this!

In your business this will be very beneficial for workflows such as employee on boarding, or anything that requires many steps in a flow. We take pride in creating a user friendly experience and you should too.

You can read exactly how to use this fantastic feature here.

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