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Save submission data to a Google spreadsheet (take this short quiz)

With frevvo, it’s trivial to save your submissions to a Google spreadsheet.

  • Drag and drop to create your form as usual.
  • You can include sophisticated layouts, signatures, PDF, calculations etc.
  • Create your Google spreadsheet.
  • Run the Google Spreadsheets wizard to connect the form/flow to the spreadsheet.

VolcanoCheck out this short 5-question quiz. It has 3 pages, has several types of questions – free text, multiple choice with one/more correct answers, an image, and a video-based question. The quiz cannot be submitted unless all answers are completed. When you Finish the quiz, your answers are saved to this Google Spreadsheet and the spreadsheet is displayed. Try it out for yourself by clicking the image or this link. Try it on your mobile device.

There are many powerful things you can do with frevvo + Google Apps. Click the Google Apps category above for more articles and examples or contact us to learn how you can automate your approval workflows and integrate with Google Apps to manage your documents and reports.

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