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Sales Order Form Templates

Automated sales orders increase cashflow and let salespeople focus on selling.

A sales order form is an order form that a company creates to list the products and services being ordered by a customer. The customer may provide one or more purchase orders (PO) for that purpose. The sales order is a document that’s created internally by the company so that it may process the order in a controlled manner with the necessary checks, authorizations and signatures in place. The associated purchase orders are often attached to the sales order for convenience.

In a manufacturing environment, where each line item being ordered is physically built or constructed, the sales order may generate multiple work orders. Work orders are used to assign tasks or jobs to individuals in order to fulfill line items on the associated sales order.

What is the sales order process?
Sales order process.
frevvo’s fully automated sales order process.

Order forms vary widely by industry since some companies offer digital products while others make physical products. Products may be custom-built or off-the-shelf, require services etc. For example, frevvo’s sales order contains line items for software licenses and services being purchased along with descriptions.

A salesperson creates and fills in the order form and then sends it to the client for signature. It includes the client’s PO if applicable, as well as all terms & conditions. Once [electronically] signed by the client, it becomes a binding contractual agreement between us and our client.

We then route the order form electronically to our Billing department for invoicing and when the invoice is paid, it gets sent on for fulfillment so that we deliver licenses, schedule services and notify the account manager automatically.

Since the process is completely automated, it’s not possible to skip steps, delays and errors are avoided, and our employees always know the status of orders.

Sales Order Form Templates
Why are sales orders important?

A clear sales order process helps to ensure that internal business requirements are properly followed and cannot be bypassed. If the process includes the client (see frevvo’s example above), it also facilitates communication with the customer, clarifies expectations upfront and enables us to provide the best possible customer service. Finally, since it’s a contractually binding document including terms & conditions, it also provides legal protections e.g. in case of a financial audit or if there is a misunderstanding.

What’s in a sales order form?

There are obviously many variants depending on your company and industry. However, practically every form will include:

  1. Your logo and business name.
  2. Order date.
  3. Shipping and Billing address.
  4. A table with entries for individual items being ordered including item name, unit price, quantity etc.
  5. Subtotals, grand total, taxes, fees and discounts.
  6. Comments, approvals, and authorizations.
  7. Signatures of all participants – salesperson and client in particular.
How do automated sales orders help?

The majority of organizations cannot afford an ERP system. So, they use Excel spreadsheets or PDFs which are filled out and emailed to process sales orders. These Excel spreadsheets can certainly perform automated calculations and limited validations but it is still fundamentally a manual process. Of course, many business still use paper and filing cabinets – an incredibly wasteful way of doing business in today’s world.

Automation delivers incredible ROI. Your electronic sales order can deliver cost reductions of 50% or more in your operations. That’s because there’s better communication, fewer mistakes to correct and less paperwork. Everything works on mobile devices, is available 24×7, performs calculations and validation automatically and there’s never any need to print, sign and scan for signatures.

Automation delivers astounding ROI.

Ultimately, this means salespeople spend more of their time selling and not chasing down paperwork. Orders get processed faster resulting in happier customers. It’s easy to track the status and even to provide updates and access to customers.

Sales Order Form Templates
Why automate your sales order process with frevvo?

frevvo’s visual, drag-and-drop software is incredibly easy to use. Your existing employees can drag-and-drop to design beautiful, easy-to-use forms for your orders and other processes. Point-and-click wizards make it easy to design dynamic behavior or connect with your database or other systems. Your forms will automatically work on smartphones and tablets without any additional work. Our customizable  sales order form templates are simple and a great way to get started. 

Check out the 6 min video below to learn more.

Simple visual tools for business process automation

Hundreds of customers are already benefiting from accounting and finance automation using frevvo. Sign up today for a free 30-day trial and see how easy it is to automate your own workflows.

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