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Roadmap: Part 2 – Submissions Reports

In Part 1 of this series of articles, we took a peek at one of the reports (Active Processes) in the upcoming Business Insights package. In this article, we’ll look at submission-related reports. The goals are for customers to easily analyze workflows that have completed recently and figure out which ones ended with an error and what the error was.

Recent Submissions Report

Recently completed workflows

This report displays information about all recently completed workflows (or forms). You can get a quick picture of completed activity and overall system usage.

The Summary Tab displays data for 7 days and all forms/workflows by default but you can change the time period and select a particular form or workflow to update the chart.

The Details Tab displays the data in a tabular format. As described in Part 1, this table (and all tables in reports) have a Search field that acts as a filter. Anything typed in the Search field is checked against all the data in each row and only rows that have some data that matches are displayed.

Completed forms/workflows for a particular day

You can also click on any of the bars in the chart to drill down into submission activity for that day.

The report will display a pie chart and table with submissions for that date broken down by form/workflow type. The pie chart shows the data broken down by percentage for the top 9 + an Other category. The table to the right represents the same data, but shows the actual counts including a break down for the Other category. As with all tables, you can narrow the results simply by typing in the Search field.

Submission Failures Report

Workflows with errors during submission.

The Submission Failures report displays information about workflow instances that had an error occur during submission. There are many possible causes of errors: workflow/form design bugs, misconfigurations, temporary runtime failures etc. This report can be used to determine if there have been recent errors and to investigate the exact causes.

The report initially shows all error data for 7 days and all forms/workflows but you can change the time period and select a particular form or workflow to update the chart.

Details with exact error description

Clicking the Details button drills down into the error data. It displays a chart of errors by day in the Summary tab but you can also view a table with the details about each failed submission.

Each item contains the exact error description so administrators/designers can determine what is causing the error and take corrective action.

We’ll discuss the Productivity Report in the next article where you can analyze your workflows and find bottlenecks, see who’s taking the most time to complete things etc.

Upcoming frevvo releases will add functionality including the ability to save your own customized report, reporting over form data (current reports only work over operational data) and more. We’ll publish updates on this blog regularly.

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