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Roadmap: Part 1 – Active Processes Report

Which processes are active right now?

At frevvo, we’re hard at work on some of the most frequently requested features – Business Insights, Task/Submission search and others.

Customers have built many real-world business applications but it hasn’t been easy to see what’s going on operationally, find tasks & submissions etc.

In the first release, we’ll focus on business insights reports over operational data (metadata). The goals are for customers to easily answer questions like:

  • Which processes are active right now?
  • Who’s involved in these active processes?
  • Which processes have ended with some sort of operational error and what are those errors?
  • What processes have been completed recently?
  • Where are the bottlenecks?
  • Who is taking the most/least time to complete tasks?


We’ll describe several built-in reports over a series of articles. This Part 1 is about the Active Processes Report. You can use this to view what’s currently active in the tenant. Active workflows are those that have started but have not yet reached the final (SUBMITTED) state. Forms can also be active if they have been partially filled in and saved i.e. in the SAVED state.

The initial Summary tab shows all active forms & workflows in your tenant as a pie chart as well as a table (see Figure above). This table (and all tables in reports) have a Search field that acts as a filter. Anything typed in the Search field is checked against all the data in each row and only rows that have some data that matches are displayed.

There’s also a Details tab with a table that displays detailed data for all of the active workflows in the tenant. This is the detailed data that is summarized on the summary tab. For example, if a particular form/flow had a count of 3 on the summary tab, then there would be 3 rows for it in this detailed tab.


From the Summary tab, the user can drill down to individual workflows. The report changes to display data only about that selected workflow as shown in the Figure. At this level, the dashboard displays information about the people (or roles) that currently have assigned tasks for the selected flow. The pie chart displays the break down and the table to the right displays the summarized counts of assignments per user or role.

There are several other built-in reports that provide useful information and we’ll talk about them in future articles.

Upcoming frevvo releases will continue to evolve reports to add functionality including things like creating your own customized report and saving it, using form data (current reports only work over operational data) to filter your reports and more. We’ll publish updates on this blog regularly.

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