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PDF Mapping – generate a W-4

It’s a common requirement among our customers – they want to generate their own PDF document. For example, a Federal W-4 or I-9 during Employee On-Boarding. You can try an example by clicking on this link or download the form here if you want to view in detail. You can also find detailed documentation on our website.

Let’s take a quick look at the steps:

Step 1. Create your form or workflow as usual. You can use business rules, signatures and all frevvo’s features as

Step 2. Click on the toolbar button to View Generated Forms, click New and upload your PDF. Note that it must be an Acroform but you can easily convert any PDF using free, online tools. Then, click the Map Fields button. After saving your form, frevvo will display the PDF with mappable fields highlighted.

Step 3. Open the Form Outline at left in the designer and simply drag & drop fields from the outline onto the PDF to map. Alternatively, you can double click any PDF field and map a frevvo field in the wizard that shows up. You can even drag in a Signature field into the PDF to map it. (Note that the standard W-4 downloaded from the IRS website does not have a mappable field for the Signature and associated date. You can download a modified 2016 W-4 PDF at this link.)

Drag & drop from the left outline onto any PDF field to map

To facilitate viewing, you can also drop a Form Viewer control onto the form and choose the mapped W-4 in its properties.

Generated W-4. Click image to zoom.

That’s it. Try it out and see that frevvo generates the W-4 with form data mapped to the proper fields. Even the signature is properly mapped. This generated W-4 is valid and can be used to send to the IRS.

You can also generate multiple PDFs, conditionally generate some PDFs and not others (e.g. a state W-4 depending on which state the employee resides in), save these PDFs in back end systems, send them by email etc.

Try it out for yourself. Sign up for a free 30-day trial on our website, upload the template form and see give it a shot.


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