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Parental Consent Form Templates

Try out these free consent form templates to digitize your school's everyday permission slips.

Got a kid in school? You’re probably used to him or her bringing home pieces of paper to sign. More often than not, these are parental consent forms for everything from a field trip to media release to athletic participation.

Kids lose them, forget to get them signed, and forget to return them to teachers. Chasing them down is a giant waste of time for everyone concerned. Students can miss out on important experiences just because of missed paperwork. Digital, online versions make life easier for parents, teachers and students alike. It’s easy and affordable yet so many schools still send paper home.

What are consent forms used for?

Simply put, parental consent forms give students and schools permission to carry out a specific activity. For students, parents and administrators, they are a crucial way to ensure proper communication. Everyone involved clearly understands and acknowledges the risks associated with participating in activities like field trips, electronic media release or sports. All sides also protect themselves from unexpected legal costs and exposure.

What’s on a parental consent form?

K-12 school consent forms contain important information including:

  • The name, identification, grade and other details about the student.
  • Name and contact information for parents/guardians.
  • A clear description of the activity and associated risks.
  • A clear indication that the parent/guardian has read the document and acknowledges the risks.
  • Parent/guardian signature and date.

Advantages of electronic consent forms

Online parental consent forms are a win-win for students, parents and schools:

  • First and foremost, they work on all devices and are available 24×7. Busy parents can quickly complete them on a smart phone anywhere.
  • There’s no way for kids to lose forms or forget to submit them. Parents & teachers don’t waste time figuring out why a form was not received.
  • No more paper. Since the form is signed electronically, there’s no printing or paper usage. Cheaper for schools; better for the environment.
  • Automatic validation ensures that there are no omissions or mistakes. No more back-and-forth to correct information.
  • E-forms systems can also automatically remind parents saving teachers’ time and ensuring that kids don’t miss out.

Why choose frevvo?

frevvo’s visual, low-code platform is incredibly easy to use. Anyone, not just programmers, can drag-and-drop to create forms and route them for signatures. The Visual Rule Builder allows anyone to create dynamic behavior – no coding required.

The software supports all features to meet real business requirements: e-signatures, PDF generation, multiple languages, built-in mobile support, SQL database integration etc. Watch the short video below to learn more.

Simple visual tools for business process automation

Dozens of K-12 schools are already benefiting. Why not give it a whirl? Sign up for a free 30-day trial today.

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