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Packaged SaaS apps are not meeting enterprise needs in 2015

Despite the plethora of packaged SaaS apps available today for everything from CRM to Expense Reports, many enterprises continue to build their own custom apps in 2015. This according to an April 2015 survey of IT decision makers by Outsystems & TechValidate.
Top Apps Enterprise Plan to build in 2015The top apps are:

  • Process Automation (forms/routing)
  • Analytics
  • Executive Dashboards
  • CRM (to our surprise)

Clearly, enterprises are not getting what they need from packaged SaaS apps.

A key reason that we see in our customers is that automated processes simply aren’t as useful unless they integrate with critical data sitting in existing internal systems. For example, a Sales Order approval workflow just works better if it’s integrated with customer data. Purchase Requisitions & Leave Approvals are much more useful if they can access employee information sitting in existing HR systems.

Organizations Integrate with 1-5 existing systemsAs a result, organizations find themselves doing significant integration with existing systems to create useful custom apps. Almost 80% of them need to integrate with at least 1-5 cloud-based apps and > 60% need to integrate with packaged or custom-developed on-premise apps. That’s a lot of integration and you just can’t get that with packaged SaaS apps.

No wonder enterprises are turning to alternatives that help them rapidly and cost-effectively create custom apps that work on mobile devices, automate their forms and approval processes while still enabling integration with existing systems. It just adds up.

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