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Make life easier for parents

General Permission (English)
General Permission form with signature (English)

Like everyone else parents are busy people with too many things to think about. Filling out student forms by hand and signing them is just another thing to worry about.

Often a school will have a PDF form on its website – see the General Permission forms on this school’s website – that can be filled out online (fillable PDF). But, notice that the signature typically can’t be completed online and the PDF has to be printed, signed and sent back with the student or scanned and e-mailed to the school. Tedious, frustrating and wasteful.

General Permission (Spanish)
General Permission form with signature (Spanish)

Make life easier for these busy parents with frevvo. Try the General Permission form by clicking the images or here for the English version or here for the Spanish version. It can be integrated with your back end system or with Google Apps for Education to automatically pre-populate student information (less work for the parent, fewer mistakes). Sign electronically. The form automatically works on smart phones and tablets. It cannot be submitted with invalid or incomplete content.

After signing, click the View PDF links (English and Spanish) to see the exact original PDF generated from the form. See that the form can be filled in Spanish and still generate an English PDF and vice versa.

Enter your email address (we won’t store it or use it for any other purpose) and check your email. Does your organization use Google Apps? The documents can be automatically uploaded to a folder in Google Apps.

Simplify routine form filling for parents, save time and money for your school and get rid of one more annoying little detail. What’s not to like? Contact frevvo to learn more.

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