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Let’s build a Smarter Business

IBM says “Let’s build a Smarter Planet” – from Governments to cities to buildings to water. That’s great – it’s a big idea and a massive initiative. I hope we can get there soon.

But, what about somewhat humbler initiatives? At frevvo, we’re a heckuva lot smaller than IBM. I’m betting that your company’s a lot smaller than a Government or a city too. But, together, we can still build a Smarter Company, a Smarter Small Business or even a Smarter Department. Many of our customers are already doing it.

Higher Education

In a Smarter University, students can do everything on their phone. The clientele is often millenials. They’re comfortable with technology and live on their mobile devices. Many Universities are already using frevvo (Syracuse, La Cité College, Harvard, NYU, University of California, and others) for Student Registration, Internship Applications, and internal HR/Finance workflows. Students love using mobile devices and not having to stand in line. Smarter Universities save students time and serve them better.

smartrealestateReal Estate

A Smarter Brokerage doesn’t waste associates’ time in duplicate data entry and signatures for MLS listings. You’d think every real estate agency would want the listing process to be ultra-efficient. After all, you can’t sell property unless it’s listed. See how two of our customers (Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty and Kuper Sotheby’s International Realty) are using frevvo to become smarter firms.

smartfinancialFinancial Processes

With Smarter Financial Processes, you get paid faster and speed up procurement for important initiatives. Customers like Hellmann Worldwide Logistics and Escondido Union School District are using frevvo today for completely automated Purchase Requisitions, Sales Orders and Expense Reports and implementing smarter financial processes.

smarthrHR Processes

Smarter HR Processes mean happier employees and customers. Customers like OSRAM Sylvania and Safeway Groceries have digitized HR approval processes like Salary Changes, Shift Modifications and Leave Approvals using frevvo. As a result, employees spend less time on paperwork and chasing down signatures. That gives them more time to focus on customers and new business opportunities. Everyone’s happier.

From satisfied employees to happy customers to business speed and agility to improved visibility and control, there are immense payoffs to becoming a Smarter Business. Why not try frevvo yourself? Contact us now for more information.

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