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What’s an electronic Leave Approval process worth? The answer may surprise you.

I was just talking to a couple of companies that are looking at using frevvo + Google Apps to create an electronic workflow for Leave Approvals. After the discussion, I decided to try and quantify the value. Assume that:

  • An Employee making $50K saves 5 min by using an e-form.
  • A Manager making $80K saves 5 min in the approval process.
  • A Data Entry clerk making $40K saves 10 min since data is now already electronic.
  • Let’s say there are 20 approvals a month for a 200 person company.
  • The paper process costs you almost $40K per year. The e-workflow costs you just $11.5K. You’ll save more than $28K or 70% every single year.
  • Including initial implementation costs, you’ll recoup your costs in 6-8 months.
That’s just for one workflow. Implement a second one and there’s no extra software cost. You’ll save even more. It’s not always easy to see how expensive those paper-based workflows really are and how easy it is to get real value for your money using frevvo.
Try the ROI calculator for your own organization.

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