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It’s amazing what you learn from customers

Every time I talk to a customer, I learn something interesting. Syracuse University bought our Live Forms product. I thought they were buying it to use forms as part of IT-developed web applications. The relatively complicated stuff. I think so did they …

Turns out, once they deployed frevvo, they realized that a lot of precious IT time was being spent to do simple things like event registration, food services surveys etc. The fact that a business user can create a simple form with frevvo and crucially, can collect and download the submissions themselves to MS Excel, makes this a killer app for frevvo within Syracuse.

Today, when someone wants to build a simple survey or registration form, the IT guys spend 5 minutes creating an account.

Now, they’re still going to use it for the complex stuff but this one basic use of frevvo is enough to justify the price and they see positive ROI. I’m hearing this over and over again from customers. It’s cool.

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