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InfoPath replacement / SharePoint alternative

Microsoft’s InfoPath essentially lets you create rich forms that work with SharePoint. What’s the future of InfoPath? Should we continue to use it? How does it work with SharePoint? What are our replacement options? So many questions …

Should you continue to use InfoPath?

The answer’s got to be an unqualified NO WAY. Microsoft’s announced that there won’t be a new version of InfoPath coming out. Ever! InfoPath 2013 is the last one. It’s great that it’ll work with SharePoint 2016 and be supported until 2023. Here’s the problem. It’s old technology today and has been old technology for many years.
You can create forms with it bInfoPath formsut, frankly, they suck. In 2015, do you really want to deploy applications with user interfaces like this? In fact, we’d suggest

Even if Microsoft was not discontinuing InfoPath, you shouldn’t even consider using it in this day and age.

And it’s even worse on mobile devices. Employees come in to work and deal with horrendous user experiences with their enterprise applications. But they’re also consumers. They use apps on their mobile devices at home everyday that have gorgeous, sexy UIs and are engaging and easy to use. No wonder 60% of employees abandon corporate mobile apps.Portrait Landscape Desktop

Check out some of these examples and try them on different devices and see for yourself. Or watch this 4 minute video. With frevvo, you design your forms once and we’ll make sure they look great and work naturally on all devices. Automatically!

And you can still make use of your existing investments in Microsoft technologies. frevvo runs on Windows, works with SQL Server, integrates with Active Directory, works on Azure and can write your documents to SharePoint. A fantastic user experience that meets business needs. What’s not to love? Try frevvo today for free.

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  1. The problem with Sharepoint, honestly, is that it’s just too confusing of a CMS for most users. Centralpoint allows you to code in LITERAL aspx. Sharepoint requires you to learn all of their secondary operational constructs…which is an education in an of itself. Centralpoint does have a function library, but the actual coding aspect behind structuring functions is true aspx. I’ve never seen an easier system to customize modules with. Centralpoint is the most user friendly CMS around. I can add a few lines of xml in the module designer and the module now has the fields & functions for me to call within the page. Then I use a CP script to reference the field for display, and it’s there and functioning…display, search, syndication, forms management…all in a shot. Every moment I shave off my day in speed I can use to innovate the system vs. maintain the train.

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