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frevvo, the 411.

What is frevvo

frevvo creates easy-to-use, cloud-based software for mobile web forms and approval workflows that are easy to customize, work on all devices and solve real business problems. Together with our partners, we have helped over 400 customers increase productivity and reduce costs.

Our customers vary in what they use our product for. frevvo can be used to create many many different things. An example of how simple a workflow can be:

Hood County

The education field has even benefited from using frevvo.

Why choose frevvo?

Built-in mobile 24/7 access that can be reached on computers, smartphones, and tablets. frevvo is a cloud based product that offers public or private cloud options for flexible deployment. Enterprise ready and built for business to make work easy with signatures, PDF, XML and more included! Easy form builder allows anyone to be able to use. frevvo is business user friendly with its amazing drag-and-drop form builder.

Read more on frevvo including all the features and benefits of document approval process, cloud based workflows, forms, and why frevvo is the best choice for all of the above.

Don’t worry you don’t have to be a computer tech to use frevvo. If frevvo is going to make your life easier then sign up now. (FREE 30 day trial). If at any point you are struggling you can view simple step by step tutorials for building workflows, forms, and or database connector. You can even join frevvo webinars!

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