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frevvo + Google Apps: Part 6. Leave Approval Workflow

In previous articles in this series, we saw how you can save (write) submissions to a Google Sheet, use the Google Distance Matrix API to automatically calculate mileage and reimbursement amounts, create dynamic pick lists from a Google Sheet(read), update a Google Sheet and save your documents to Google Drive.

Today, we’ll put it all together and create a Leave Approval workflow. It has several steps.

1. Employee Requests Leave

Leave Request form

First, the employee logs in to the system (either directly to frevvo or integrated with Active Directory or other LDAP or SAML) and requests leave by filling out a form. This form reads Annual and Sick days from this Google Sheet for the currently logged in employee, shows them in the pick list labels and sets up the pick list options so that the employee can only select a valid # of days. The employee then signs the request digitally. This locks the section from being further edited. Finally, the employee sends the request to his/her manager for approval.

2. Manager Approval

Manager Approval (Smartphone)

The workflow then routes the request to that employee’s manager for approval. Since frevvo knows who the employee is, it can route to the specific person that needs to approve. The manager will get a notification email with a link to the leave request. He/she can then access the leave approval via the built-in task list and approve the request. If there are questions/concerns, the manager can reject it back to the employee for more information.

3. HR Department Processing

Finally, the workflow routes to the HR department for processing. Once HR has completed processing, the HR manager can click Finish and the workflow completes.

4. Update Google Sheets & Save to Google Drive

Once the workflow completes, the Google Sheet is automatically updated to reflect the changes in available days. The system will automatically subtract the number of approved days from the number that were originally available so that the data in the Sheet is always up-to-date.

PDF uploaded to Google Drive

The PDF Leave Approval document is also uploaded to Google Drive. The workflow is configured so that frevvo’s Google Connector will create a subfolder with the employee’s first and last names and the leave start date and upload the PDF of the approval to that subfolder so that it’s very easy to find at a later date.

5. Notify the Employee

Finally, the employee who originally requested the leave is also notified via email that the leave was approved and the PDF document is attached to the email. This way, the employee can save the documents for his/her records.

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