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frevvo for Confluence – Part 4. Create/Update Confluence Pages

In Part 3 of this series, we looked at how you can create a form or workflow and accumulate submissions on a Confluence page.

But, customers often want to create and update Confluence pages from frevvo forms for structured content. An example is an application to manage client contact information.

Let’s say you want to create a Confluence page for each client. The Confluence rich text editor is one way to manage these pages. But, it’s hard to keep the pages consistent, eliminate errors and enforce business constraints with the Confluence editor. That’s where frevvo comes in.

Instead of creating/updating these pages using Confluence’s editor, you can use a form. The form enforces structure, business rules, validation etc. When the form is submitted, frevvo will generate a Confluence page for the client; the page can be named using data from the form (e.g. client name).

frevvo can also generate an Edit link on the page. When clicked, it takes you back to the form pre-filled with the client data. You can edit the data and submit. frevvo will then update the client page with the updated data.

With Live Forms for Confluence, anyone can do it. See how easy it is in this 4.5m video.

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