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frevvo 6 – Workflow Escalations (part 2)

This article is the second in a series about the workflow escalations feature included with version 6 of the frevvo platform.


In Workflow Escalations (part 1), we explored using notifications as a way to raise awareness about workflows that have been stuck on a step for too long.  To recap the use case we had an expense report filled out by an employee in step 1, approved by the employee’s manager in step 2 and finally sent to accounting for processing in step 3.  The accounting department is obligated to complete their step within 7 days.  In the previous article notifications were used to email relevant parties when the deadline was missed.  That’s a vast improvement but wouldn’t it be better if we could warn the accounting department before the 7 days has passed?  Creating escalation reminders can accomplish this.

Here’s a snapshot of our workflow as seen in the frevvo designer:


Clicking on Setup Escalations will bring us the escalation configuration page for the accounting step:


We can see the previous configuration from the first article that sets up notifications but we’ve also configured reminders. This reminder will send a notification to all the potential owners (i.e. the accounting department) 1 day before the deadline.  The subject and message used in the email is auto generated when you enable reminders but can be changed to display whatever text you want.  Once again note the use of frevvo template (e.g. {}) in the subject and message so that each message is custom for each flow instance.

If we feel the accounting department needs even more reminding we could send 3 reminders in 8 hour intervals on the day before the deadline:

Screen Shot 2015-02-06 at 10.23.51 AM

You can set up reminder frequencies in days, hours and minutes and configure as many as you want using the limit reminder options.  Since you can set up multiple multiple deadlines for a step, you can be extension create multiple reminder configurations.  Frevvo reminders are highly configurable and can handle simple and complex business requirements with ease.

This has been an example of triggering reminders for workflow steps using the new escalations feature.  In the final article we will discuss auto reassignment. To learn more about the escalations feature, please check out our user documentation.

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