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Fast Finish Workflows

Introducing the new Fast Finish feature in v5.3.5.

Customers with lengthy forms often use frevvo flows to break the form into easier to use multi-page screen flows. A screen flow (as opposed to a workflow) is where multiple steps of the flow in series are performed by the same person (no workflow navigation).

Prior to “Fast Finish” a form user had to step thru every page in the flow, even those pages with no required fields. The new “Finish” button skips optional form pages. “Finish” advances the flow N pages forward until you hits either a page with a required field or invalid data (say a phone number missing a digit), or until it hits a workflow transition where the form must navigate to the next person (ex: An expense report flow where the employee sends the forms to his/her manager for approval), or it completes all steps and submits the flow.

Fast Finish - Tablet
Here’s how Fast Finish appears on a Tablet
Fast Finish - Desktop
Here’s how Fast Finish appears on a Desktop

Here are several examples…
Employee On Boarding Imagine a new employee starts their first day at your company and needs to complete a stack of new hire forms — basic info, W-4, 401k, direct deposit, etc.. You can see an example of this workflow in the frevvo New Employee On Boarding tutorial. Imagine the employee completes the form package thru the Confirmation step and then decides to navigate back to make a change to the Employee Info step. Without a fast finish button the screen flow will make the user review each step between Employee Info — W-4, Additional Info and Confirmation in order to submit the forms to the manager for approval. But by adding Fast Finish the employee can now click on the Finish button and (as long as all required fields are complete and valid in all other flow steps) immediately submit the forms to the manager for approval.

Fast Finish is also very useful when you’re filling a lengthy multi-page form with Save/Load enabled.. Save/Load lets the form user save a partially completed form and later (hours, days) retrieve it from their task list to complete and submit it. Fast Finish enables the user to open the saved form and click the Finish button to immediately navigate to the point in the screen flow where they left off (assuming that step still has required fields). This saves the user from having to click Continue N times to get back to the screen where they left off.

Or imagine a lengthy 30 page insurance application where many of the pages are irrelevant unless/until you select specific coverages to quote. For example the insurance package asks you if you want to insure your car, home, boat, etc… on the first page. And when you choose boat only pages 9-12 are necessary to fill. The rest of the pages in the package can/should be skipped. Fast finish enables the user to update the boat coverage pages and then fast finish right to the end.

Or imagine you completed an insurance application previously for your car, home and boat. And next year you want to edit the form to update your coverages but only want to increase your property insurance on page 6 of 30. With the fast finish button you can update that one page 6 and then click to skip all the way to the end of the form and submit it back to the insurance company!


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