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Empower your “business engineers”

Came across this really interesting article by Johan den Haan that categorizes the cloud landscape in great detail. As he says,

“The popular wisdom that the cloud comes in three flavors (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS) does not provide a realistic picture of the current landscape.”

It’s always bothered me too. What is frevvo? Well, in the conventional wisdom, we must be a PaaS company. But what the heck does that mean? We’re certainly not targeting professional developers but business users [who are curious about technology]. Johan proposes a framework that breaks things down into multiple layers that describe a range of approaches.

Cloud platform framework by Johan den Haan
Cloud platform framework by Johan den Haan

I’m not sure that I’d go about calling frevvo a “Model-Driven PaaS” but our customers are often business people who don’t write software for a living but still need to create applications (forms and workflows in our case) that collect and manage data and documents. Obviously, they’re interested in technology so I like the “business engineer” terminology used in the article. They’re comfortable with dragging and dropping to design web forms and approval processes, configuring email addresses and high-level business rules, and viewing submission data in an Excel spreadsheet or a PDF. frevvo’s value is in empowering these “business engineers” with:

  • Ease of use: frevvo hides the technical details of designing business web forms.
  • Mobile: frevvo forms automatically work on everything from a smart phone to a tablet to a desktop screen, they’re responsive, make use of the touch screen etc.
  • Cloud: frevvo works in a standard web browser with zero installation.

and a whole lot more. Want to learn more? Check out one of our short videos and contact us if you have questions. Here’s another link to the original article – worth reading IMHO.

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