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Emergency Contact Form Templates

Emergency contact forms contain essential information that every organization should keep updated.

Things go wrong and people have to deal with unexpected emergencies. In these situations, getting help and information quickly can sometimes literally mean the difference between life and death. It’s crucial to make sure that there’s an emergency contact form on file so that school administrators, emergency personnel or other local authorities have the information they need to take action.

Try Emergency Contact Templates

What’s on a typical emergency contact form?

Emergency contact forms can have a lot of information depending on your requirements but here are a few things that you should ensure you collect:

  • Student/Employee name, cell phone and ID.
  • Contact information for one or more parents/guardians including cell phone, address and/or email.
  • Similar contact information and release authorization for other responsible individuals if the parents cannot be contacted.
  • Medical information including a way to contact at least one doctor.
  • Parental signature and date.

Advantages of electronic emergency contact forms

Information on these forms is critical in an emergency. Using an online form has many benefits:

Try emergency contact templates
  • Online forms validate information so you can ensure that contact data, phone numbers etc. are valid and accurate.
  • Electronic signatures eliminate the need for paper since there’s no need to print in order to sign.
  • They work on mobile devices so busy parents can fill them out on-the-go using their smartphones.
  • Automatic email reminders ensure that parents actually submit the emergency information and that it’s up to date.

Why use frevvo to automate?

Using, frevvo’s visual designers it’s so easy to drag-and-drop to design forms that anyone can do it. The Visual Rule Builder allows anyone to create dynamic behavior without the need for any coding knowledge. Electronic signatures, mobile support, PDF generation are all built-in so your emergency contact forms meet real-world business requirements.

Watch the 6 min video below to learn more.

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