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Dynamic forms with frevvo + Google Sheets

Real-world forms are dynamic. For example, values in a pick list might be loaded when the form is first displayed. Depending on the value in one field, other fields might be populated automatically.

A frevvo form can handle dynamic behavior in many ways – one option is to use a Google Sheet. We’ve created an example. Click the image or this link. You’ll see an Employee Absence Request form.frevvo + Google apps

  • See that the School Site pick list is empty.
  • Click the “Get from Google” button and it populates from this Google Sheet.
  • Select a site from the pick list.
  • The Principal, Validator and Approver fields populate dynamically from the same Google Sheet.

Is your organization using Google Apps? With frevvo, you can use Google Apps in unique and interesting ways to reduce waste & errors, and to simplify routine activities for your employees. Click the Google Apps category above for more articles and examples.

Of course, you can easily save form and flow submissions to a Google Sheet (similar to Google Forms). As the example shows, frevvo forms and workflows are far more sophisticated with dynamic behavior such as conditional sections & calculations, electronic signatures, PDF generation etc. You can even save these PDF documents in Google Drive for a complete solution.

Contact us to learn how you can automate your approval workflows and integrate with Google Apps to manage your documents and reports.

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