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Doing nothing … I wish

Sometimes, especially on beautiful, warm sunny days like today, it sure feels like it’d be sweet to help 🙂

No such luck here – we’re getting ready to roll out a massive new set of capabilities in frevvo this year with a huge focus on mobile (tablets and smart phones).

  • Deploy all your “stuff” in one place – from simple contact/survey forms to complex workflows like performance reviews/sales orders.
  • Design to your heart’s content. I mean really design not just tweak. Make the software fit your business rather than the other way around.
  • Access your stuff from anywhere: create a frevvo “space” and it’s available on your desktop, your tablet or your smart phone.
  • frevvo will automatically generate smart phone / tablet views for your forms that take advantage of their unique capabilities. Or, if you want to customize this see the second bullet.
  • Quick Views will let users quickly approve or reject tasks especially from their phones.
  • Grids, e-signatures on touch screens, PDF export … this release is chock full of new things.

It’s all exciting stuff and we’re racing to get it done but it’s warm and sunny and …

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