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Designing Highly Usable Forms That Can Collect LOTS of Information

When designing forms, designers must always consider the usability of the form. Usability refers to a person’s ability to intuitively understand what is expected of them and easily perform the task. Achieving a high level of usability for small forms is not too challenging but what about when a lot of information must be collected such as when on-boarding a new hire?

One solution is to create a large single form with everything on it.  There are several problems with this. First, you may overwhelm the user by presenting every single field all at once. If a field has an error, the employee has to scan the entire form to find it. Also gigantic forms make for a particularly poor experience on phones and tablets where real estate is limited. Another solution is to group related fields together and put them in sections or tabs.  Sections are definitely useful to a point.  However, experience shows that tabs in general are harder to use (see Form Usability: The Pitfall of Inline Accordion and Tab Designs). Tabs particularly suffer on mobile devices with their smaller screens.

With frevvo, you can easily create highly usable forms that collect lots of information by using screen flows.  Screen flows create a wizard-like experience that presents the form in a series of small easily digestible steps.  By breaking the form up this way, users aren’t overwhelmed and will have a great experience regardless of the end user’s device (laptop, phone, tablet, whatever).  In our employee on-boarding form, the information has been broken into 3 steps:

1) demographics 2) health plan enrollment 3) direct deposit.  The images below show how the steps are displayed to someone using the form on an iPad:


Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.11.48 PM

Health Plan

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.13.48 PM

Direct Deposit

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 1.16.02 PM

Large forms that collect LOTS of information are very common. With frevvo, you can easily make them usable on any device so your customers are more likely to have an enjoyable user experience and submit complete, accurate data.

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