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Database Forms: Master-Detail Views

Electronic forms and workflows integrated with SQL are very easy to create with frevvo's software.

As customers interact with your organization online, they often do so using forms. To be truly interactive and useful, these forms need to connect with and access data from internal systems – often SQL databases. Database forms, especially as part of business processes, allow you to bring your operations much closer to the customer and that’s a crucial part of world-class customer service.

Database Forms are ubiquitous

  • Purchase request forms connected to inventory and parts databases are faster to complete and more accurate.
  • Vacation request forms that retrieve employee data from SQL reduce data entry and errors.
  • Customer service can help customers more efficiently if the form can pull up customer information.
Try an example master-detail database form

What’s a master-detail form?

Master-detail or lookup forms are a very frequent scenario in real business applications e.g. to lookup details for a student or part number or customer. With frevvo’s software, it’s easy to create forms and workflows connected to your database without coding. Click the button below to try an example.

Steps to create a master-detail form with frevvo

It’s easy to create a master-detail form using frevvo’s database connector. The good news is that you don’t need to know any complex programming as long as you can configure a SQL query. The steps are straightforward:

  • Perform a one-time installation of the Database Connector.
  • Define the SQL query and configure it in the connector, for example: SELECT * from Customers where customerNumber={cnum}. The database connector can interpret this query, connect to the SQL database and return the results in various formats (e.g. XML or JSON).
  • Generate an XML schema from the DB connector, add it to your form and auto-generate form fields.
  • Link the form to the database connector.

Using the database connector to create highly dynamic forms is easy. Our DB Connector Tutorial explains it in great detail. Hundreds of customers are already using frevvo to create dynamic forms connected to SQL. Sign up for a free trial today.

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