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Custom Themes Deprecated in frevvo 5.3 – That is good for you

In the upcoming frevvo 5.3, designers will be able create and save color schemes using a new Styles editor. The ability of uploading custom CSS themes will be deprecated in the new version. Why is that ? Why remove a useful and flexible feature ?

We found out, through experience, that custom CSS files are quite hard to maintain in the long run. Forms relying on custom themes would normally fall into difficult situations primarily when upgrading frevvo versions. It is a riskier and more complicated upgrade process when custom themes are used.

Another strong reason to remove custom CSS themes is that more and more people are accessing forms and flows from several devices: desktops, tablets, phones etc. Each of those devices probably running different operating systems and browsers. We take care of a smooth rendering on all of those devices so you don’t have to worry about that. On the other hand, this task can become quite complex, if not impossible, when custom themes are involved.

At first, it may appear to be better to have tons of styling flexibility by using custom themes but, in reality, this approach is setting up your environment for difficult times down the road.

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