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Cloud enables Mobile enables Employee Efficiency

Cloud computing is now a core component of the IT landscape. While 67% of executives claim that they have encountered problems in the cloud, only 9% experienced a problem with significant damages suggesting that there have been many minor incidents with cloud implementations according to a new survey.

The key driver for the cloud is to satisfy the speed to market and agility expectations coming from the enterprise.” Mark Tonsetic, IT practice leader, CEB

Executives are looking beyond IT performance and cost control now which explains why 50% of them cite employee efficiency as a key factor for moving to the cloud.
Cloud Deployment Business ObjectivesTo us, this is just common sense. A key component of speed and agility is enabling employees to take immediate action. That means mobile since employees must approve contracts or purchases or sales orders from anywhere at any time. As we’ve said before, Cloud and Mobile are inextricably linked. Cloud is a key enabler of mobile which makes it a key enabler of business speed and agility.

Check out the full survey from the Economist Intelligence Unit and article on Forbes.

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