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“Can We frevvo That?”

frevvo is the name of our company, it’s our product, our Twitter handle, and now it’s a verb!

Our new employee Courtney used to be a customer of ours. She would talk to co workers in meetings and say things such as, “Hey we can frevvo that?” She loved being able to “frevvo” things so much she joined our team! Now she solves business needs by teaching anywhere from small businesses to large enterprises that they too can frevvo it.

Thanks to Courtney’s ingenious idea of using frevvo as a verb, we now want to share with the world all of the things you can frevvo! By the end of the article I want you to think about your company and ask yourself “can we frevvo that?” The answer, yes you can!


Purchase Order

Most, if not all, companies use purchase order forms. Using frevvo for your purchase orders not only makes it easier, more organized, and saves time, but you can go paperless. You can customize this to fit your specific needs. Learn more here. 

Expense Report

This workflow makes it easy to track expenses and keep them organized. Once filled out by the employee the manager (or person the employee directly reports to) will receive an email to approve or deny the request. You can view an example here to learn more.

Leave Approval

The leave approval is powered by a Google Spreadsheet! This ultimately makes for a great user friendly experience for everyone. Here you can select an employee from a drop down in the form that is populated from a Google Spreadsheet and fill in the rest. View an example here.

 Blood Warrant

Governments even find use in frevvo products. We feature an example of how to create a successful blood warrant. This flow is designed to go from the officer to the judge back to the officer in the matter of seconds. You can read more about our government forms/flows, in addition to instructions on how to design yours here.

You can view more information on each of the above listed forms and flows plus see more examples here!

So, can we frevvo that? Sign up today and recieve a 30-day free trial.

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