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Barrier Busters!

I am grateful to our many great partners! They are dedicated to helping companies replace manual paper processes with eforms, electronic workflows and data storage to automate & streamline their business.

One particular business provides healthcare and rehabilitation services. The CTO started an initiative to reduce paper and to improve their company from the inside out — enter “Barrier Busters”! Employees submit problems they see in the company (aka barriers) using an eform. The submissions are routed electronically to the management team for review and selection of the top barrier suggestion each month. Employees are excited because their suggestions are being heard and implemented and the company is seeing process improvements across the board.

109 barriers were submitted since April and 82 were busted! such as installing benches in the atrium to improve patient comfort. The nursing schedule has been made more user friendly with color coding. Blinds were hung in each of the exterior facing patient rooms on arch windows. And much moreā€¦

Kudos to Vebridge, a great frevvo implementation partner, for the work they are doing with this healthcare company.

They also converted their paper patient admissions forms to eforms and are excited to start using Live Forms’ new wet signature capture feature. And they have several other paper to eforms projects on their roadmap.



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