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Google Apps Issues this week “invalid_grant”

A customer reported that their frevvo forms integrated with Google Apps (Sheets, Drive) mysteriously stopped working on Monday. Yesterday our own frevvo Training Registration form which pulls back a list of available training classes from a Google Sheet suddenly failed to populate the class list dropdown from the sheet.

Our frevvo Cloud server log files contained Google “invalid_grant” errors. The Google oauth access token had mysteriously disappeared from the user’s Google Account. Your Google Account connected apps & sites page should look similar to this image below but instead showed that frevvo Live Forms App had gone missing.1-843To solve this, create a new Google frevvo app access token and then update all your forms/flows that used the old missing access token with the new token. This means updating both the Google Sheets frevvo wizard connections and any business rules which used the access token.

We do not yet know why Google automatically deleted the frevvo app access token in our customer’s Google Account or in our own Google Account. We are still investigating and have submitted a bug report with Google.

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Manager Approves Vacation Requests from the Amazon Jungle!

This was a 1st…. Ashish who writes many of the blog articles you read here is on quite the adventure to Brazil to watch the Olympics. On his way to Rio he stopped to spend a couple days somewhere in a remote spot in the Amazon Jungle. Spur of the moment a couple of us decided yesterday to take tomorrow morning off — we use Live Forms for our vacation request approval process integrated with Google Sheets & Drive. As many of you know our forms work great on mobile devices and within a couple hours to my surprise Ashish had approved my vacation request. 🙂 He is never one to be far from his cell phone, but still pretty cool to have your request approved from the middle of the Amazon Jungle! 🙂

We run our company by automating our internal processes with our own Live Forms forms & workflows. We all love building and using them. Even our financial team could be on our sales team telling you how much more efficient this makes us. It’s what keeps our company functioning smoothly so our entire team can focus on what’s most important… Helping our Customers do the same!!

Pretty fancy hut!
Pretty fancy hut!
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4 weeks vs 1 year? Really?

Building it themselves would be out of reach – we’re talking hundreds of thousands of $ and a year of time. With frevvo, it’s up and running in just a few weeks.

Complex forms & workflows are really hard to program by hand

It started out as a casual conversation at lunch. But, I was so surprised at the answers I couldn’t believe my ears. Check out the little Q&A below with Courtney Bernard, one of our Customer Success whizzes.

FB (Frevvo Blog): What do you do at frevvo?
CB (Courtney Bernard): I wear a few hats in the Customer Success area. Obviously, some client services but I also do some training & customer support. I also do some of the voice overs for frevvo’s videos.

FB: This recent project, what’s it all about?
CB: It’s a customer in real estate (Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty). They sell real estate. But, before selling any property, it must first be listed – an MLS listing. That means filling out tons of paperwork – anyone who’s sold a house is probably familiar with this. You have to fill out literally dozens of forms, sign in a bunch of places, write in the same info over and over again, correct mistakes etc. It’s painful.

For our customer, obviously, speeding up the listing process is a good thing. They wanted to turn everything into an electronic form/workflow. No more mistakes, duplicate typing or signing, save tons of time.

FB: Ok, so what’d you do?
CB: We did it for them.

FB: Just like that?
CB: Well, no. This is an MLS listing. It’s huge. I’d guess there were 350 maybe 400 fields at least. And, it’s really complex. Many fields depend on others. For example, some fields are part of one type of listing others are not. Choose an option in one field and a bunch of other fields may be affected. We needed to generate a nicely formatted PDF. And, the entire form must work on a mobile device (usually a tablet) since associates are typically out in the field. So, it wasn’t easy to do.

FB: Put that in a bit of context for us. If I wanted to hire someone to build this, how long would it take?
CB: Well, it’s a guess since I haven’t estimated it but I’d say easily 4-6 man-months for development and about the same for QA. Then there’s PDF generation and mobile. Do you really want it to look good on a tablet? That takes work and lots of time. So, somewhere between 9 to 15 months is probably a good bet. Of course, that’s if it works at all. The complexity is high so there’s a definite risk that it’ll fail.

[Spoiler: This is the part where I couldn’t believe my ears.]
FB: How long did it take you?
CB: Well, they did some of the testing work. It took us about 80 hours (2 weeks) in total. Assuming they spent about as long, we’re talking about 4-6 weeks total.

FB: WHAT? 4 weeks vs 1 year? Seriously?
CB: Yes seriously. I mean the 4-6 weeks of work was spread out over 4 months (holidays, other projects, delays etc) so 4-6 weeks is the actual time we spent.

FB: How the heck is that even possible?
CB: I know. It’s crazy. frevvo is incredibly good at making these large, complex business forms usable. If you had a simple 1-page form with 10 fields, the difference wouldn’t be so drastic. But, as complexity rises, the # of fields increase, dynamic behavior, business rules, PDF, mobile etc. come into play, the cost of building rises dramatically. That’s where frevvo really shines. It’s amazing how easy it is.

FB: Jameson’s must have been pleased?
CB: Without question. They’re reasonably big but not huge. Building it themselves would be out of reach – we’re talking 100s of thousands of $ and a year of time. frevvo puts the benefits of this kind of automation in the hands of companies like Jameson Sotheby’s who realistically wouldn’t have access to it otherwise. That’s huge!

FB: And, what else do you do when you’re not helping customers succeed?
CB: Read, listen to podcasts, ride horses, go hiking, play with my son, watch Downton Abbey and root for my beloved New England Patriots.

There you have it folks! A single form that would have likely cost $100s of K completed in a matter of weeks and far far lower cost with frevvo. And that doesn’t even take into account the productivity benefits that will accrue for years to come.

Read the Jameson Sotheby’s International Realty Case Study. Highly automated organizations get 5X more done and save up to 80% of costs compared to those who are still using paper/email based processes. Why not try frevvo yourself? Contact us now for more information.

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Live Forms v6 for Confluence

The new Live Forms v6 is now available to our frevvo-Confluence Add-on customers and partners!! Check out the Release Announcement for details.

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frevvo forms are Accessible!!!

Exciting news for users with visual and motor impairments! and organizations who want or perhaps are now required by law to make their web sites accessible…

frevvo Section 508 / W3C WCAG 2.0 formsLive Forms v6 enables designers to create forms/workflows that meet Section 508 and W3C WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards. Users needing assistive technology can now use Mac OXS Voice Over on Safari only and JAWS for Windows to read and fill your frevvo accessibly designed forms.

Of course you can design frevvo forms that won’t pass accessibility certification by not taking advantage of Live Forms accessibility features. For example, form controls that are missing informative labels and help, hint text will not pass accessibility certification. So you are ultimately responsible for testing your forms to verify they pass your own certification process.

It’s wonderful news that with a little careful form/workflow design and enabling the new v6 accessibility features, we can now support runtime form access by everyone regardless of disability.

Please see the documentation Accessibility and Live Forms for details.

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Extra Extra.. Read all about it!

Did you know that frevvo released Live Forms v6.1 on December 23rd? Did you know your Live Forms Online cloud tenant was auto-upgraded on January 4th?
Of course reading frevvo’s blog is one great way to keep up on frevvo news… Here are a few other suggestions

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v6.1 Release Announcement

We’re happy to announce the GA release of Live Forms v6.1 today for our In-house customers and partners. Please read the release announcement for upgrade information. Our frevvo Cloud hosted (SaaS) customers will be automatically upgraded on Sunday January 4th.

This major new version has some great features such as the ability to create forms/flows which support Section 508 Accessibility; a redesigned PDF Mapping Designer; Chrome support for designing forms/flows and more… See the v6.1 release notes for full details.

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Fast Finish Workflows

Introducing the new Fast Finish feature in v5.3.5.

Customers with lengthy forms often use frevvo flows to break the form into easier to use multi-page screen flows. A screen flow (as opposed to a workflow) is where multiple steps of the flow in series are performed by the same person (no workflow navigation).

Prior to “Fast Finish” a form user had to step thru every page in the flow, even those pages with no required fields. The new “Finish” button skips optional form pages. “Finish” advances the flow N pages forward until you hits either a page with a required field or invalid data (say a phone number missing a digit), or until it hits a workflow transition where the form must navigate to the next person (ex: An expense report flow where the employee sends the forms to his/her manager for approval), or it completes all steps and submits the flow.

Fast Finish - Tablet
Here’s how Fast Finish appears on a Tablet
Fast Finish - Desktop
Here’s how Fast Finish appears on a Desktop

Here are several examples…
Employee On Boarding Imagine a new employee starts their first day at your company and needs to complete a stack of new hire forms — basic info, W-4, 401k, direct deposit, etc.. You can see an example of this workflow in the frevvo New Employee On Boarding tutorial. Imagine the employee completes the form package thru the Confirmation step and then decides to navigate back to make a change to the Employee Info step. Without a fast finish button the screen flow will make the user review each step between Employee Info — W-4, Additional Info and Confirmation in order to submit the forms to the manager for approval. But by adding Fast Finish the employee can now click on the Finish button and (as long as all required fields are complete and valid in all other flow steps) immediately submit the forms to the manager for approval.

Fast Finish is also very useful when you’re filling a lengthy multi-page form with Save/Load enabled.. Save/Load lets the form user save a partially completed form and later (hours, days) retrieve it from their task list to complete and submit it. Fast Finish enables the user to open the saved form and click the Finish button to immediately navigate to the point in the screen flow where they left off (assuming that step still has required fields). This saves the user from having to click Continue N times to get back to the screen where they left off.

Or imagine a lengthy 30 page insurance application where many of the pages are irrelevant unless/until you select specific coverages to quote. For example the insurance package asks you if you want to insure your car, home, boat, etc… on the first page. And when you choose boat only pages 9-12 are necessary to fill. The rest of the pages in the package can/should be skipped. Fast finish enables the user to update the boat coverage pages and then fast finish right to the end.

Or imagine you completed an insurance application previously for your car, home and boat. And next year you want to edit the form to update your coverages but only want to increase your property insurance on page 6 of 30. With the fast finish button you can update that one page 6 and then click to skip all the way to the end of the form and submit it back to the insurance company!

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1 more reason to Upgrade to Live Forms v5.3

If the 6 reasons to upgrade to Live Forms v5.3 was not enough to encourage you to schedule time to upgrade your frevvo software, here’s one more reason…

On October 5, 2014 v4.1.x will reach End of Live. v5.3 will be the last release that supports automated migration from v4.1.7+ and there will be no further critical patch updates to v4.1.x.

Time to plan your upgrade to v5.3 and gain all the benefits of much more beautiful forms and Mobile devices support. Download your v5.3 upgrade software here.


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v5.3 Release Announcement

Our customers and partners have been patiently waiting for this next major Live Forms release. Many of you have been banging at our doors for the new features and fixes. 🙂 Honestly we couldn’t wait to get these new v5.3 features into your hands as well! We always seem to need to cram “just one more” thing into each release and are already working on v6 planned for fall ’14.

We’re happy to announce the GA release of Live Forms v5.3.2 today for our In-house customers and partners. This release supports easy upgrade from  both v4.1.7+ and v5.1.1. Read the announcement here. v5.3.1 was released earlier on May 4th to the frevvo Cloud hosted (SaaS) platform.