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Emergency Contact Form Templates

Emergency contact forms contain essential information that every organization should keep updated.

Things go wrong and people have to deal with unexpected emergencies. In these situations, getting help and information quickly can sometimes literally mean the difference between life and death. It’s crucial to make sure that there’s an emergency contact form on file so that school administrators, emergency personnel or other local authorities have the information they need to take action.

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A five-phase roadmap for digital transformation

Consider these 5 phases on your path to digital transformation.

There’s no doubt that the modern workplace increasingly relies on digital technology. Amazingly, paper-based forms and processes are still commonplace across organizations of all sizes. Examples abound from patient information forms that repeatedly request the same data to extremely paper-intensive processes like on-boarding a new hire with dozens of forms and signatures.

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How Purchase Order and Purchase Requisition Templates help your business succeed

Automated purchase orders are efficient

Purchase Orders (PO) and Purchase Requisitions are extremely common documents used by practically every business. They help business control costs, ensure that business rules are followed and that the business gets the best possible deal. It’s also easier to track down problems e.g. if the wrong items are delivered the signed copy of the purchase order proves what was actually ordered.

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Best practices to improve employee on-boarding and new hire orientation

Talent is the #1 priority of the 21st centuryGetting the on-boarding process right is critical for an organization to make sure every new hire feels comfortable, satisfied and welcomed in the organization. On-boarding done right leads to enhanced productivity and better retention of the new employee. Here are a few best practices that will help you improve your on-boarding process.

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How To Achieve Digital Transformation With Low-Code Development Platforms

Low code platforms help achieve digital transformationThe speed of technology evolution has forced enterprises to reimagine and redesign their business processes. The digital revolution has now moved well past convenient apps that let you order food and hail cabs to a collection of smart technologies that will impact every facet of every single business. This digital transformation isn’t coming — it’s already here. Your task over the next three years is to apply these smart technologies to fundamentally remake your business operations.

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[Video] 100% Visual Purchase Order Automation

Workflow automation is the foundation of digital transformation. But, automating everyday processes isn’t always easy. Dynamic forms, complex routing, e-signatures, mobility and more … it’s a lot to handle and that’s if you can find the necessary programming talent. What if your existing people could do it all using simple visual tools? Watch this brief video to see how easy it is with frevvo’s 100% visual, low-code platform.


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