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American Healthcare Technologies rolls out Android tablet solution in under 3 months

American Healthcare Technologies (AHT) provides technology-enabled services to a range of hospitals and medical practices.
They have several AHT Case Studyforms such as enrollment, medical test, consent and prescription forms as well as various questionnaires and surveys. Forms are often filled in by a patient or nurse and then sent to a physician for his/her signature and approval. With customers in many locations, the existing paper-based system is simply too inefficient.

With frevvo, they were able to roll out an Android tablet-based solution including the forms themselves, routing, and electronic signatures. It’s quick and easy and saves physicians invaluable time, reduces errors and saves data electronically.

Best of all – they needed to do this fast and were able to roll out a complex solution in under 3 months. Want to do the same for your business? Contact frevvo today.

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