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A busy summer

At frevvo, we’ve had a very hectic summer. Mostly, we’ve been working on making frevvo Enterprise-grade [for a couple of huge customers we hope to announce soon]. Soon, customers will be able to:

  • Deploy frevvo on clustered servers for unlimited horizontal scaling and fault tolerance.
  • Employ separate roles for designing forms/workflows, publishing them from dev -> test -> staging -> production, and for viewing submissions.
  • Share forms and workflows across users/roles with varying sharing permissions.
  • Version their forms and workflows.
  • Create globally-available IT services/bindings that business users can simply use in their forms.
  • Create fully self-contained deployment artifacts that can be downloaded, saved to SVN repositories, and uploaded to any frevvo server/cluster without changes.
  • Deploy on Oracle, DB2, SQL Server and MySQL databases.
  • and many other new capabilities …
It’s going to be several months before these things are available but, in the meantime, we’ve also worked hard on performance (CPU & memory), reliability, and usability rather than new features. V4.1.5 (coming in September) will be our fastest and most reliable version and we hope you’ll be using it soon.

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