Google Apps Issues this week “invalid_grant”

A customer reported that their frevvo forms integrated with Google Apps (Sheets, Drive) mysteriously stopped working on Monday. Yesterday our own frevvo Training Registration form which pulls back a list of available training classes from a Google Sheet suddenly failed to populate the class list dropdown from the sheet.

Our frevvo Cloud server log files contained Google “invalid_grant” errors. The Google oauth access token had mysteriously disappeared from the user’s Google Account. Your Google Account connected apps & sites page should look similar to this image below but instead showed that frevvo Live Forms App had gone missing.1-843To solve this, create a new Google frevvo app access token and then update all your forms/flows that used the old missing access token with the new token. This means updating both the Google Sheets frevvo wizard connections and any business rules which used the access token.

We do not yet know why Google automatically deleted the frevvo app access token in our customer’s Google Account or in our own Google Account. We are still investigating and have submitted a bug report with Google.

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