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[eBook] -06- ways you can use frevvo in your School today

eBook: frevvo in K-12

Our K-12 school customers are using frevvo to automate routine processes and improve efficiency and services to students and staff. EUSD (Escondido Union School District) has been so successful at this – they’ve automated 8 approval workflows including Absence Records, Mileage Reimbursement, and Budget Transfers in the first three months – that they were even able to decommission SharePoint/InfoPath thanks to frevvo.

Download this new eBook that describes “06 ways in which you can use frevvo in your School TODAY“.

The fact is, schools are drowning in paper. Student work, parent & staff communications, travel reimbursements and many other processes are paper-based and require, emailing, printing and scanning. Going paperless doesn’t have to mean costly initiatives like 1:1 education, e-textbooks and expensive gadgets for each student. There’s plenty of much lower-hanging fruit that’s ripe for automation and saving paper, time and money.

From consent forms (Miami-Dade County, Los Angeles USD) that require a parent signature to internal approval workflows like travel reimbursement (e.g. see New Haven USD, Cabrillo USD), paper is inefficient and wastes money.

frevvo already has pre-built forms and workflows that can be customized in next to no time and deployed online. They can all be signed online, routed to the proper person electronically, used on mobile devices, delivered in multiple languages, generate PDFs, work with Google Apps for Education and a whole host of advanced capabilities.

Learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.

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[Video] 05 ways you can use frevvo + Google Apps today

Customers are combining frevvo + Google Apps in many ways to solve real business problems, and to improve productivity and efficiency. We recently described “05 ways you can benefit from combining frevvo with Google Apps in your organization TODAY” in this recent e-Book. We’ve also created a short (3 min) video that describes the benefits of combining the two.

From dynamic pick lists to using Google Drive as a content repository to approval workflows, the combination just makes completing routine, day-to-day business tasks easier and faster.

It’s 2016! There’s simply no excuse for outdated, manual systems that cause delays, result in unhappy employees and wasted time and money. Visit our website to and see how customers are using frevvo today to improve efficiency and productivity.

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McKinsey sees Large Enterprises adopting Cloud faster

McKinsey recent global IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) Cloud and Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure surveys found that the shift to the cloud is accelerating, with large enterprises becoming a major driver of growth for cloud environments. In the next three years, enterprises will make a fundamental shift from building IT to consuming IT.

A summary of both surveys is at IT as a service: From build to consume (free, no registration required). The key takeaways are

Enterprises are reducing on-premise deployment

In 2015, 77% of enterprises used traditional IT infrastructure for at least one workload; by 2018, this will drop to 43%. Conversely all varieties of Cloud deployments will increase


Large enterprises are moving to Cloud far faster than before

mckinsey-2A deeper look into cloud adoption shows a significant shift coming in large enterprises. Large enterprises are finally catching up to small/midsize enterprises when it comes to cloud deployments. This portends significant headwinds for traditional IT and a boon for cloud providers since large/midsize enterprises form the majority of revenue/profits for IT vendors.

Cost is neither the primary driver nor barrier to cloud acceptance

Enterprises consider time to market and quality as the premier drivers for Cloud solutions outweighing any cost benefits. Security and compliance are the primary barriers to broad adoption. Cost comes in third but interoperability with on-premise private cloud solutions is also an important criterion.

Read more at McKinsey’s website.

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Google Apps Issues this week “invalid_grant”

A customer reported that their frevvo forms integrated with Google Apps (Sheets, Drive) mysteriously stopped working on Monday. Yesterday our own frevvo Training Registration form which pulls back a list of available training classes from a Google Sheet suddenly failed to populate the class list dropdown from the sheet.

Our frevvo Cloud server log files contained Google “invalid_grant” errors. The Google oauth access token had mysteriously disappeared from the user’s Google Account. Your Google Account connected apps & sites page should look similar to this image below but instead showed that frevvo Live Forms App had gone missing.1-843To solve this, create a new Google frevvo app access token and then update all your forms/flows that used the old missing access token with the new token. This means updating both the Google Sheets frevvo wizard connections and any business rules which used the access token.

We do not yet know why Google automatically deleted the frevvo app access token in our customer’s Google Account or in our own Google Account. We are still investigating and have submitted a bug report with Google.

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[eBook] -06- ways you can use frevvo in your University today

eBook: frevvo in Higher Education

University students are accustomed to doing everything on their phone. They’re comfortable with technology and live on their mobile devices. Many Universities are already using frevvo (Syracuse, La Cité College, Harvard, NYU, University of California, and others) for Student Registration, Internship Applications, and internal HR/Finance workflows. Students love using mobile devices and not having to stand in line.

Download this new eBook that describes “06 ways in which you can use frevvo in your University TODAY“.

From Student/Parent forms for signature to built-in mobile support to complex authorizations, frevvo has powerful, easy-to-use and incredibly affordable solutions for Higher Ed institutions. We offer educational discounts and a wealth of resources to ensure that your workflow automation is successful, increases productivity and allows you to focus on what’s important – students.

Learn more by visiting our website. Explore some of the examples, read customer success stories and contact us for more details.